Eco disposable tableware and so much more

Whether you're in the retail, catering, and food packaging sector or looking to host a party, we have the right products for you. We work with wholesale and retail businesses looking for larger volumes and end customers looking for a one-off purchase.

Trash on Beach

Welcome to emocean

We all want to help our environment; we all want to do our bit to keep our oceans plastic free. In fact, being eco-friendly is rewarding. Not only does it make us feel good it is becoming more cost effective too. If you’re looking for products that are healthy for our environment and your conscious then we are here to help.


At emocean we provide eco friendly alternatives to many commonly used single use, disposable tableware and other such products sourced from India and Asia. Sustainable, plastic free, disposable and environmentally better products.

emocean for the ocean


No plastic

All our products have zero plastic and are made from plant based products.  A great alternative to single use plastic, simple alternatives yet an extremely significant impact on our environment.

Eco disposable, biodegradable & compostable

Our product range is fully biodegradable or compostable in about 100 days. No specialised equipment is needed to do this. You can even decompose at home.

Made from plants

Sugarcane plant waste, corn starch, wheat and bamboo are examples of plant based materials used to make our products.

An ethical approach

At emocean we strive to provide products with a sustainable and responsible approach to from sourcing manufacturers right through to delivery.