Make a better choice

Swapping single use plastic for eco disposable products is the heart of what we're about. emocean was created in 2020 although the thought of making this a reality started much earlier. We have chosen to work with suppliers from India and Asia whose ethos is in line with ours; eco friendly, great quality, integrity, customer service and continuous improvement. Our aim is sourcing materials that do not impact our environment; sugarcane plant waste, corn starch, bamboo and other plant based materials. Making good of plant waste that would otherwise be disposed of and creating exciting eco tableware. 

Targeting both end customers as well as businesses in the catering, hospitality and those in the retail sector. We are continuing to add new products to our list and happy to have a chat about anything specific you may be looking for. We'd be delighted to try and source it for you. 

Making the choice of using eco disposable tableware isn't a compromise for any type of dining experience. In reality, it is more rewarding emotionally and it of course benefits our planet. By choosing to support emocean by adding less plastic waste, we all can help make cleaner air, soil, water, and a cleaner environment.
Even if it’s just one product, we can all do our part to creating a more sustainable planet through eco friendly shopping.